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Beautiful balloon decorations from WhichKraft, one of WonderWomen sponsor!
Earlier this week, I was introduced to the Wonder Women bazaar that is happening from 24th to 26th of February inn Publika Shopping Gallery. The Wonder Women bazaar is Publikas Fuyoh Art Bazaar with a twist of femininity. For the first time ever, Fuyoh Art Bazaar goes total girl power with participation of 100% women vendors. This event which is a collaboration by Publika and Makers&Co showcases our amazingly creative women entrepreneurs in celebration of the upcoming International Women’s Day. Over 40 businesswomen in arts, craft and humanity sectors joined together to make this event a success. Fuyoh Art Bazaar has been in the scene since the start of Publika’s operation in 2011 and appreciates self-expression and individuality of local talents.

Owner Hooi Yin with her amazing artworks!
One of the vendors that I was really excited for was Tinypinc! Tinypinc models polymer clay into tiny little food-shaped trinkets and sells them as jewellery such as bangles, necklaces and earstuds. The tiny polymer clay charms are molded into various forms of our favorite dishes from desserts such as macarons and ice cream to local favorites like nasi lemak, angku kueh and kueh bahulu! This business that started 7 years ago has been in the international market, selling her products on Etsy, AmazonHandmade and also their website. The brains (and hands!) behind this yummy little business, Hooi Yin saw that most of the polymer products made by other international crafters were pretty similar to each other and had the idea of making local delicacies that represents Malaysia and reminded her of her childhood.

Looooook at those tiny treats!!
The WonderWomen bazaar did not limit themselves to our Wanita Malaysia but saw a few international ladypreneurs as well! Willimina Hand-Made Jewelry has a very interesting story behind it. It started out 3 years ago when Wilma and John Bunk, a couple from Holland were cleaning the beaches of Penang and used pieces of shells and aluminium to create unique jewellery with the inspiration of the beaches. Up until now, their pieces are still made from the same source and each piece is no same to another to ensure everyone gets their own one of a kind accessory.  

Left: Willimina Hand-Made Jewelry || Right: The couple behind Souk Stroll at their boho-chic booth
Owner of Souk Stroll, Asma who came from Morocco with her husband decided to start up her own business and focuses on bringing goods from the Maghrebi country. This young business offers handbags with a traditional twist and also one of the must haves for every woman’s skincare and haircare routine; argan oil! The bags are handmade by women of the mountain tribe using the materials from traditional Berber designed carpets, giving this modern day accessory a traditional Moroccan vibe. 

Sharon Chai with her DIY dreamcatcher station where you can choose your own colours!
Anybody who knows me personally, knows I love to craft so I’ll get  really excited when I see a DIY craft kit! Sharon of Dreamchaser has always been business-minded from she was younger. At the tender age of 17, she wanted to try making her own dreamcatcher after seeing that a lot of ready made dreamcatchers are priced at up to RM200. But she then realized that even the materials used to make a single dreamcatcher were quite expensive. It then gave her an idea to start importing materials and selling them herself and eventually she came out with do-it-yourself dreamcatcher craft kits so that everyone can have a go at making their own dreamcatchers at a very affordable price! 

Quick selfie with Philo before we started strolling around at the bazaar
Before I left the event, I managed to have a little chat with Philo, the director of Love Is and also one of the women who made the WonderWomen event a success on her hopes for the event. She believes that this event acts as a platform for women entrepreneurs who are still shy and afraid to bud out to get an opportunity to stand alongside other strong women in their field and build their confidence in branching out their businesses. She also hopes that this bazaar can be an annual event to commemorate all our strong ladypreneurs. Philo is also one of the women behind The Independent Pet Adoption Network where they have rescued a lot of cats and dogs from being strays on the streets. 

Photos I managed to take during the event:
Petite Fizzies from Love Is that smells oh so great!

There were also live painting sessions from our artists! In photo: Thineswari Govindasamy
Left: Mixed material artworks by Shakti D || Right: Speed paintings by Haze Long

Actual rescues from The Independent Pet Adoption Network on the notebook covers!

Left: Dreamcatchers from DStyleo Handmade || Right: Custom engrave bracelets from Sillynuts

Cute pillows with illustrations of familiar sights in KL and Penang from NOOX

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