Saturday, March 25, 2017

My Hero

If you follow @twt_filem on twitter or always have your eyes open to the now showing section of a cinema, you might have come across the movie title Adiwiraku. Fortunately for me, my bestfriend is an avid movie goer and we share an interest of watching local movies whenever we get the chance. Last Friday, we planned to go and watch Adiwiraku but unfortunately there were only a few theaters still showing the movie although it was only one week after its release. However, we still made our way to Mid Valley despite the horrible weather that day (it was raining like craaaaay! Federal highway banjir woi!) and managed to catch a screening.

Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?

Oh no, it is just you saving the world.

I did not know much about the movie before stepping in to the cinema. All I knew about the movie was a teacher in a small town school leading its choral speaking team to a district competition. To be very honest, the movie in general was average to me. The acting was a bit cringey and it was a bit slow paced but I have zero knowledge in movie-making, so lets just end that there. But what I did not know was quite a number of the cast were actual students of SMK Pinang Tunggal and a part of the original choral speaking team! Yes, the original team! This movie was based on a true story that happened only two years ago. 

Although I said earlier that this was an average movie, but in terms of a story, it really hits me on my soft spots. Mcfarland USA, Freedom Writers and Coach Carter are a few movies that I love watching because one- they are about educators going beyond the classroom or curriculum to lead their students and two- they are based on true stories. Freedom Writers is easily in my top five favorite movie list so to see a local movie very similar to the movies I look up to is very heartwarming to me. I am a very emotional person so a few scenes did make me shed a tear (akak sebelah I pun nangis gak k dont judge me hahhaa)

I never wanted to be a teacher because I know I am bad at teaching and I am not really good with kids but I really want to be an educator. I want to instill good manners, common courtesy and kindness to the people around me, especially the young ones. I want them to know that life can get bumpy and thats okay. I think being an educator is the closest thing you can get to being a superhero. Although in the movie, Cheryl Ann Fernando thought of the kids as her superheroes, but to me, she is the superhero. I am greatful enough to have teachers who are also educators leading me as I grow up, not just teachers though, family, friends, whoever that have helped me get through hardships. Come to think of it, the kids were superheroes too, as they showed such perseverance to anyone who doubted this kampong school.

Anybody wants to watch the movie, you can still watch it in Alamanda! I know it is a bit far but it is the only cinema showing it in the area. Kedahans can watch this in Jitra Mall. 

Read the article on the original victory of SMK Pinang Tunggal here.

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