Sunday, January 31, 2016

8 under £8!

2015 has definitely been a year where I became a bit too obsessed with makeup and I'm pretty sure it's a similar case for a lot of girls out there. It's impossible for us to exit any store that sells makeup without swatches on our hands. Back in Malaysia, of course sephora is the ultimate go-to shop we girls head to to splurge and have some good ol' retail therapy and in the UK, the beauty section of Debenhams or Selfridges is the place you find yourself stuck in for 3 hours. We hate to admit it but every time we spend money on these places, we have a tiny bit of regret and guilt after we see the  large hole in our pocket. 

Although we love getting the products from high end shelves, we still can't say no to drugstore items. Who could resist buying make up as (some times more) pretty and good quality with only a fraction of the price?! These are usually the items we didn't plan to buy but eventually did during our trip to Boots/Superdrug to get shampoo and toothpaste. Don't tell me you've never walked in to the pharmacy to buy shower gel and ended up buying an extra lipstick and mascara, because I always do! 

Here are my top 8 favourite makeup items under £8:

Before flying for the UK, my go-to concealer was TheBalm's Liquid Time Balm Concealer because it had tea tree oil in it. Tea tree oil is a great treatment for acne due to its disinfecting properties. I have been searching for it here but it's so hard to find a physical store that carried TheBalm products. Even when I found TheBalm products here in Superdrug, I still can't find the concealer. So I tried searching for alternative concealers that has tea tree oil in it and I found this! The coverage it gives is quite good. It pretty much depends on your spot, some needs another layer of high coverage concealer, some just disappears under this one! 

Another concealer, I don't think I need to describe this concealer very much as it is one of the most hyped drugstore beauty item on the internet. It really does help in covering dark circles, without the need of applying colour corrector! Both Boots and Superdrug usually have a 3 for 2 promotion on beauty items so you might get lucky to get an even better price for this! 

Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker [perfect day], £6.00

This lipstick is my everyday lip colour! The formula is really creamy, making it glide to my lips so easily. Also the pigmentation makes application so quick, one swipe and you're done! 

Almost at the end :'(

HEMA Soft Matt Lipbalm [11],  £4.50

I love going to HEMA because I always thought it's like a European Daiso (but it's not £1), you can find everything from stationery, to bath products to food and all of them are cutely designed and affordable! As for this one, I tend to reach for it for days I feel like I wanted a bit of dark colours to wear to class without the vampy lip shades. It smells amazing and as the name says, it's a matte lipbalm, beautiful and moisturizing! 

This sums up my everyday tones. Basic.

You did not read that wrong, it is only a quid! Who knew Primark makeup could be so good? This lip liner has great formulation, it glides through my lips smooth and gives a strong pigment. It is a bit dry as of all other lip liners in the market but prep your lips with a layer of balm before application and it'll do the trick.

A really nice nude to wear even on its own!

Before buying this, I was surveying and planning to buy the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz but it is soooo expensive. I'm still new to the brow game so I didn't think it was worth the money although it is highly recommended. I then searched for dupes for the Brow Wiz and I found this! And at such a perfect timing, NYX just released that they are now available at Boots. 

Pencil on one end
Spoolie on the other

KIKO Infinity Eyeshadow [203], £5.90

The first time I knew about the brand KIKO was when I was in Florence with my parents. Mom and I really liked their stuff. High quality products with affordable prices! Earlier last term, I found out that they just opened a store in Bullring, Birmingham! And this pan was on sale for 52% off, making it only £2.80. I really wanted the gold infinity+ eyeshadow but they were out of stock so I got 4 other colours instead and this one is the perfect base colour!

1 for less than 3 pounds? Give me 4!

This palette came out in the same line as I Heart Makeup's I Heart Chocolate palette which is a dupe for the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. I really did want the Chocolate Bar palette because of the colours, formula and smell (ahhhhh the smell of cocoa). but I'm not good at eye makeup, so better not spend £39 to practice. I looked for the dupe at Superdrug instead and I found this one too! This is a very practical palette because the colours are all just shades of brown, perfect for everyday wear. But it doesn't limit you to just day wear, you can also jazz it up with the shimmer tones!

Swatches of my favourite colours in the palette
Side by side with its sister, the chocolate bar dupe (which is similarly good)

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