Tuesday, March 01, 2016

NARS vs Urban Decay concealer showdown!

---I am not a beauty expert, nor do I know beauty terminologies, this is just what I think of the products---

I am a warm med-dark for the UD Naked and medium2 ginger for the NARS.
Being a normal 'gadis melayu', I am obviously brown (more of an olive - tan girl) so basically I am in medium shade for both of these. ALWAYS get yourself colour matched if you are getting a product for the first time. Ask the sales assistant, let them help you try it on your face. With base, don't just try it on your hands, put it on yo' face!

Actual naked face.
So yeah, my main concerns are the spots and scars on my chin, between my brows and cheek. I have normal to dry skin. I get really dry after a couple of days without moisturizer but on other days, my skin feels okay. 

Both of them came with a doe foot applicator wand. The Naked skin has a flat applicator while the NARS had an angled applicator. Applicator wise, I prefer the angled one much better as it's easier to control to get precisely on the tiny spots. The flat applicator on the other hand is a bit 'flimsy' in a way that whenever I get it out from the tube, it causes a tiny bit of product to splatter out. Some people prefer the more flexible applicator but I fancy the angular one from NARS instead.

Contender #1: NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

Last year, I invested my money on my first NARS product which is its Radiant Creamy Concealer. My main problem was the spots on my face due to my acne scars. The concealer was recommended by my sister in law, along with the MAC concealer palette but I just went on with the NARS concealer. Also at the time, this product was having it's star moment hype on the internet so it was worth a try.

"You are blending~" *Blended OST*

With NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

I am almost dry of my  NARS concealer so now I've seen a lot of reviews on the Urban Decay Naked skin concealer but I still haven't found a clear sign/review that one is better than the other. So why not try it out myself after spending my fair time with the NARS concealer.

Contender #2 : Urban Decay NAKED skin

With Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer

My say: 
These two are totally different and offer something else from each other. It really depends on what you want and your skin type. For me, the consistency I prefer is the Naked Skin's as it's very fluid and lightweight. Building up the Nars concealer always makes me worry if I look too cakey (although it actually doesn't) due to it's thick creamy consistency. Upon application, both of the concealers gave pretty decent level of coverage but the Naked Skin didn't hold for too long. I didn't set both of them / also didn't applied foundation on top so I guess you really need to set your concealer properly if you want to go with the UD Naked Skin concealer. I've already mentioned this before; I love the angled applicator of the NARS concealer better than the UD. 

To conclude, neither of these stood out from the other but if I had to choose between these two, I might choose the UD Naked Skin concealer because of it's fluidy formulation which makes blending such an ease. 

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