Sunday, October 04, 2015

My First Ever GLOSSYBOX! (Glossybox Sept '15 // Style Edition)

Hello! So today's post would be a bit different (do I even have a constant post pattern/type) as this will be a kind of haul/unboxing/beauty post. I'm not really good at beauty products and stuff but I have developed an unusual admiration for beauty and makeup for the past two years or so. So why not writing a post on it?  

I first discovered glossybox when I was in my home in Malaysia during summer break. There's no such thing (that I know of) as this in Malaysia so I was really excited to see what this glossybox thing is. At the same time, I was pretty bummed that I had to wait until I'm back in the UK to start subscribing (although I didn't want to leave for the UK T_T) 

Basically, what glossybox is; it's a monthly subscription box where you will receive 5 surprise beauty items (makeup, skincare, haircare, nails etc) at your doorstep. The items may be full sized or miniature sized. But for in my case, this box came with complete full sized items. Subscription is GBP10 a month depending on your subscription plan. You can also cancel according to your subscription plan. 

I ordered my glossybox even before I landed in Birmingham, because the box takes a few days to reach my house. And I didn't want to miss the September Style Edition as the box is specially designed for this edition. 

Without further adieu, time for pictures!
Even the parcel box is pretty! And you won't waste your time figuring out what parcel you have in the mail. 

The actual glossybox itself. This is what I meant when I say the September issue is really pretty! And the box isn't any flimsy thin cardboard box designed to be thrown away, it's actually made of quite hard material which makes it perfect for reusing as storage! (I currently use it to store my pans and mini palettes :p)

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak," -Rachel Zoe

This is what I saw when I first open a box (plus a few welcome & info cards). Every issue is wrapped nicely with a pretty pink ribbon and a glossybox sticker.

Time for the real deal! The products!!

Sorry for the super over exposed (brightness wise) photo.

First up is this Maria Nila Luminous Colour Masque which is a hair mask for coloured hair (unfortunately I don't colour my hair) But it works for natural hair too. It claims to moisturize and nourish the hair for a silky smooth effect. It smells super nice, it is free from sulphate and paraben & it is also 100% vegan! It contains pomegranate extract and Colour Guard complex (lol, I used to be in marching band so when any product claims they have "colourguard" I'd always imagine teeny tiny colourguards in the product) whichis supposed to protect the hair and reduce colour loss. 

Next is nail polish from Nails Inc. London in the shade battersea park which I think is perfect for fall. I don't really buy nail polishes as I rarely colour my nails (ehem) but I've been getting a few bottles for free/in a package with something else. So, I might be a bit rajin to wear nail polish every once a month.

I've received another bottle from Nails Inc. earlier this week for free from Boots because  I signed up for their loyalty card. This is in the shade expert coral.

I thought of putting the following two together as they go along with each other. These are the bellapiere cosmetics shimmer powder eyeshadow in the shade wheesek which is a grey/silver kind of tone which would work together with the nail polish and a eyeshadow brush from Marsk. I've never tried loose eyeshadow before so I'm a bit scared of trying but I definitely will try it soon!

Lastly, I am not really excited for this as it's not really anything new. It used to be the craze of high school girls (and boys) circa 2009-2010. It's just 3 of these springy hair ties which some people use as wrist bands or or just arm accessory. But I'm not really sure if it is new in UK? Is it?

BTW, they also put in a info card that also tells you the price of the products. All in all, it summed up to GBP62 but since I only paid GBP10 for it, it definitely is worth the money.

Can't wait for my next glossybox (and birchbox)! I might (MIGHT!) new review or experimenting post on the products, so hang in this site! 

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