Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#TuisyenSayang by Projek Ihsan

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A few weeks ago, my friends and I joined a volunteering program called Tuisyen Sayang. I have heard about Tuisyen Sayang on the internet even before I flew back to Malaysia for the summer. But I didn't really had the courage and time to go until about a month before I departed to the UK. 

Basically, Tuisyen Sayang provides extra academic classes for free // free tuition. The students they cater to are from Standard 1 to Form 5 students, including ones with major exams (UPSR, PT3, SPM) For now, there are 2 locations for the tuition; Shah Alam and Bangi with a few more starting up. 

All in all, it definitely is a great experience to have joined and met really great people. 
It was also a fun to engage with the students. The younger students might be a bit naughty, but that's what made it a fun experience. The bigger kids on the other hand, brings me back to when I was in upper form and was worrying about which path I should choose after SPM. It took me back to high school days and made me realize how far I've come (although it was only 3 years back)

I personally think that this is a great way to give to the community. Growing up, I never really went to tuition except during major exams, just because I didn't feel like going to any. I WANT MY PRECIOUS TIME (or I was just too lazy, or hated learning). For UPSR, I took all the subjects. In form 3 I only signed up for the subject that I liked, which was Science. And at form 5, I stopped tuition just because I couldn't really focus with the tutor. Point is, I didn't go to tuition mainly because I didn't want to. These kids, they actually really want to go to tuition and learn more from the things they've learnt at school. However, tuition services aren't really cheap, especially in urban areas. 

This is where education becomes a luxury to some people.

Yes, we are provided with free education in schools but when it goes further, the ones can afford the extra classes benefit more. I am not condemning anybody. It's just the way it is. Tuition centres / tutors are paying the bills with what they can provide and the ones that has the money are willing to pay for such services for their children to get the best out of their current syllabus. Therefore, free tuition provides help for the academic needs of students from diverse financial backgrounds. 

I must admit, the classes Tuisyen Sayang provide might not be on par with the big tuition centres or private tutors but the volunteers/tutors are trying their very best to assist the students on the school syllabus and at the same time being great role models that the students can look up to.

So, if you are near Shah Alam or Bangi area and have a passion for teaching or doing something good for the community do check Tuisyen Sayang out at https://twitter.com/projekihsan

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