Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lads & Lassies, Section 9, Shah Alam.

I've never wrote a review on cafes/restaurants (heck, i'm not even a writer) but I just need everyone to know about this cafe. 

Initially, we wanted to go to Cake Jalan Tiung which was located on the opposite side to Lads & Lassies. But we didn't know it wasn't open on Mondays and Tuesdays. So, we made our way to try Lads & Lassies instead.

Walking in, I was really impressed with the interior. Posters of The Beatles, Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Star Wars reference etc., a bookcase filled with biographies of inspiring public figures and really good music are just a few details to describe the ambience of the cafe. Every angle of the cafe turned out beautiful on camera. Pics to prove it ^^ . After being impressed with the deco, I really hoped the food would be great (too many disappointments from "cool" cafes that served mediocre food). 

As our order was served, I have to say; this cafe has set the bar high for other cafes. I ordered their Texas Burger which was beef burger with chilli and cheese with a cheese dip on the side. The amount of fries that came with it was great. And the taste of the burger is really good. The buns were crispy and Was kind of like garlic bread-ish, they put in generous amount of chilli in the burger and the patty was fat and juicy! Probably not the BEST burger I've ever tasted but it is certainly high above average. 

The drinks selection was also top notch. I ordered their Fairy Nectar (obviously just because of the name) which was steamed milk with honey and cinnamon. Thumbs up!! Nyumz! And they also served some samples of their brownies. Sooooo rich and chocolatey!!

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