Friday, October 24, 2014

Of Nasi Lemak and Pancakes

Lol okay the blog title makes no sense at all but hi! I'm blogging again! Not like anybody reas my blog anyway, just felt like publishing a post and write what's going on with life. I've had this blog and updated it with most of events in my teenage years from high school to college and now that I've reached a new stage of life, guess this would be a good medium to write about my uni life.

And yeah, I wanted to write about this earlier but I thought I'll wait till it start to post something about my new journey. So since it I've left home more than one month ago, let me just update on what I'm doing now: I am now a degree student in University of Birmingham.

Majoring in Physics. I'm under KPM scholarship, it's a bonded scholarship, insyaAllah I'll be a lecturer in one of the Matriculation College in Malaysia. Alhamdulillah, my efforts in college paid off. Let's hope for the best that I can maintain, or do even better in degree life. 


Anonymous said...

salam akak. how i want to make contact with you. urgent ni please. saya spm leaver nak tanya something

Fathishah Fathir said...

Wsalam. Sorry, I haven't checked my blog lately. I would love to get back to you but I don't have any of your details?