Monday, December 19, 2016


Acai (uh-sigh-ee) bowl is a new food trend which originates from Brazil where its original name is acai na tigela or translated to acai in the bowl. This Brazilian dish is booming all over the world and Malaysia is not a country to miss out on this superfood! With a lot of people hopping on the healthy life train and heading towards a fit nation, this is a great meal to swap for a filling meal and getting our five a day portion of fruits and veggies! 

Last Friday, my friend and I went to KL to accompany another friend to run an errand and after settling what had to be done, we just walked along KL since the last time any of us did that was back in highschool. We ended up walking to Bukit Bintang and eventually stopped to find something to eat at Pavilion. We passed by this stall and I tasted their samples that the workers were giving out (Im a sucker for free samples). I ended trying 4 different samples and finally bought a green juice and while I was looking at the menu, I saw that they happen to serve acai bowls so I felt like I had to order one to know what the hype is all about. 

OTime Favourite (top) King of Greens (bottom)
 I ordered the King of Greens which has avocados, bananas, coconut, raisins, chia seeds, oats, almonds and ... Im not really sure of the red things in the middle. If youre a bit hesitant on having too much greens and want some sugary sweetness you can try the Otime Favourite that my friends ordered that was topped with coconut, strawberries, oreos and cornflakes. Our verdict; acai bowls are thick smoothies that you eat in a bowl with a spoon rather than sucking it up with a straw from a cup. But contrary to a typical smoothie, these bowls really fills your tummy! Neither of us could finish our bowls because we were too full. And on the plus side; we ate more fruits and veggies in a sitting probably more than we do in a whole day.

Farm Power green juice!
Romaine, spinach, celery, lime and apple. I actually like strong vegetable tastes in my veggie juices like celery or ginger and this one is really good! The taste of the celery is not too overpowering because the lime really balanced it out and there is also a slight sweetness from the apples. You can also try their fruit juices if you are not into the vegetable taste. Within the first sip of the green juice I could already feel super fresh and I just love green juices so this gets two thumbs up from me!

Ola Bowls is located at the connection on level 5 of Pavilion, KL.

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