Saturday, December 03, 2016


A man is driven by the need of many things. Passion, fame, power, wealth. In this movie, set in 1830s Malaya, wealth was what drove the Dutch, English and Arabs to the land of the Malays and aboriginals. But as of most most films, love conquers everything. The love of a parent to their child, the love of young hearts and also, the love that drives jealousy. These were the few that you see in Hanyut. Truth to be told, when I first saw the trailer, I thought it was a Tarzan-ish kind of movie when I saw Diana Danielle dressing in a white dress with a lace umbrella in the rainforest. But as the trailer went on, it wasn't going that way.

The staring of the movie was quite slow paced, but it escalates nicely after the first half. There were a lot of time dragging scenes in the intro of the movie, in my honest opinion. (TMI) My tummy wasn't feeling so good today, but it had to choose when the scenes were getting interesting to signal me to go to the toilet -__-" I stopped at the door for quite some time because there were no signs that the scenes are gonna be bland again and I was afraid Ill miss a lot of the good scenes.

Another thing I loved about the movie was the usage of Bahasa Melayu used. It shows us how beautifully the language was used before it got butchered with time. The movie also showed the patriarchy of different cultures. How women are kept as "belongings" of men, how one culture treat women differently compared to other cultures. 

All in all, I think Hanyut is a good movie to watch. Its not spectacular, but good. Good enough to spend my money and watch it at the cinema. There are only about 9 cinemas thats screening the movie now that its entering its second week, go watch it so more good films can be on the big screen. rather than the rempit this or the hantu that or the cinta yada yada movies.

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