Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Confession time; I am not a big reader. I am not a reader. Or at least I don't read novels. Magazines and articles are okay but when it comes to leisure reading, I am not a big reader. Call me uncultured, or dim minded but I have had my reasons on why I do not find reading as a hobby. I had a lot of friends who could finish reading a book in a day, have read a thousand novels and would rather read the book than watching the movie but I am not one of them.

It's not that I hate reading. It's just that I tend to think of myself as a slow reader, which is also why I hate watching foreign movies/dramas, I never get to read the subtitles in time. I am not illiterate -lol how else would I be writing this- but I like to read as how I would speak or say it. I like to accentuate my vowels and read with the intonation that I would have if I were to read it aloud. 

One thing I do like to do is going to bookstores, but I don't purchase anything, I'd probably survey around to look at titles and read synopsis or reviews and then I'll help myself to the stationery section. I used to rarely buy books due to the known fact that I will probably be 20 pages in and give up reading altogether until I pick up a new book months or even a year later. To find myself, and to find happiness, I'm trying out something that is known to broaden people's horizons, no matter how foreign it is to me, I still have to try. I do have to admit, I have yet to finish one book out of the dozen that I have recently bought. I even haven't finished The Happiness Project, the book that lead me to Feticia's Felicity. 

A friend of mine who is in the same scenario told me that he rotates his books, so whenever you feel like giving up on one book, pick up another, with that you're constantly exploring different topics or different adventures. So I tried that, and it kind of works, when I get bored with one book, it doesn't put me off from reading all at once, but instead, I just pick up another topic. It's like switching between watching your favourite TV shows on  your laptop, when one show's a bit dry, you change to another and another and another. And it doesn't stop me from buying new books. Before, when I see an interesting title and want to start reading, I'll remember the book that I haven't finished yet and think to myself "I'd better finish that book first before buying another one,". Now, I know that buying more books makes me read more (Duh). 

With the above 'method', it may be a bit longer for me to finish one book as I'm constantly changing my reading material but in a few months, I'm gonna finish a number of books by a number of authors. So right now I do have about four or five books that I'm about quarter way from finishing and I have to say that my reading pace is much better than before, when I only read blogs and magazine articles. And I get why people enjoy reading, you dont have any limitations to how you visualize the stories. And also you get to know things you never knew you never knew. 

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