Monday, October 10, 2016

A lot of people say that writing helps. 

Especially when you dont talk; let the words flow on ink, let the visuals of the alphabets form a motion of self expression.

But what do you do when your days are blank and your vision is dim? 

When your brain is a hollow cavity, your mouth closed shut and your fingers stagnant?

When you imagine the muscles and the veins under your skin are not red but a mixture of transparency and pitch black?

When even getting your mind and soul to function is an unwieldy effort that even the thought of doing it tires you already?

On days like these I usually hide myself under the covers imagining I am also the dark translucence flowing in my frame. But I now know that I need to get up. 

But how?

I dont know how but I have to get up. 

I dont know where Im going with this. 


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Anonymous said...

You look for light at the end of the tunnel. You hope and pray it's there.
Fill you hollow cavity with what interests you.
Don't speak, there's no need for it.
Just learn to enjoy your own company.
Your muscles and veins are just muscles and veins, don't worry about them. They come and go every few years.
Effort is never needed for you to get your mind and soul to function. They just do, when it's the right thing to put effort in.

You get up by first sitting up. You start from the bottom. Maybe start by helping others. Smile because it's sadaqah. Tip waitresses big. Help a homeless person. Volunteer at an orphanage. Do good in hopes that in helping them, they help you.