Thursday, September 29, 2016

My knees shaking, 
my jaws clenched,
my fingers fidgeting.

As I step forward,
under a big sign showing where I was,
being the only one walking to the end of the building without uniform.

My mind telling me that the unfamiliar eyes are diagnosing me from a simple glance.

My anxiety flows faster,
my heart feeling as if its reaching turbulence.

My first encounter,
information of me read out and passed around,
I felt naked,
stripped bare of the bars of my own security.

A part of me wished I was normal,
this was just a big mean thought occupying the spaces of my brain,
whatever normal was.

A part of me wished it was a flaw in my system,
so all of this becomes clearer, 
so it made more sense.

But the clarity I once wished for becomes more of a clutter.

A clutter that I can not sweep under the rug anymore.

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