Sunday, June 29, 2014

It's not okay.

screenshot of a cousin's tweet

Yes. How far can being sarcastic make somebody want to be better? How can putting shame on other people bring us closer to The Almighty?

Everyday I scroll through the net, (mostly Twitter) there are those 'holier-than-thou' accounts that points out something bad and rudely insults the people who does it. It's good that technology and social media has turn out to be a platform where we could spread what is right and tell people what is wrong, but there is a way to preach in a polite way, and in my opinion, there is no other way than that. 

Why preach by shaming on people? How can making somebody feel bad about themselves make them want to be better? It may work, but it will leave a scar. Or it may just make the person feel worse and feel like they don't deserve to be a better person because you've pointed it out to them that they are not as good of a person as you and the whole society are. 

Some people may do this unintended, not realizing it. But now, I see the hashtag #Sentap or #TerasaKe and even accounts with names like 'Sentap ke?' on the net that has gone viral and the society thinks it's okay to shame people in that sort of way. Well, guess what -IT'S NOT. 


D-SIM said...

nice idea

Nad - The Unwrapped said...

Couldn't be more agree with everything you popped up in this post. At least, I found someone who thinks the same about it. Hands down.