Monday, June 10, 2013

#CollegeRant Numero Uno

Hey, hi, hello. 

Haven't blogged in a while. Class ended for today. My roommates are sleeping. I don't feel like sleeping. But I'm not in the mood to study either, would love to relax my mind from all of the Science hollabaloo for a moment. 

Life here has been so-so. Of course it is great to further my studies, no argument in that and I should consider myself lucky to be studying in matriculation college under our country's ministry of high education. And it's considered as fast track so I need to keep my grades perfect in order to get into a good course for my bachelor's degree. Gotta be super rajin for one whole year!

 But some aspects makes this place not really a totally likable institute. For instance, their outing system; we're only allowed to go out from campus once a week. That is not big problem for me, I guess. Because there's not much in the town of Tangkak anyways. The thing that really makes their outing system almost impossible to accept is we can only go for home trips ONCE A MONTH (out from campus on friday, come back on sunday) and we have to follow the outing schedule. I know that I came here to study so, I shouldn't complain.. but it just sucks because Shah Alam is only a two hour bus ride away from Tangkak, which makes it possible to go back and forth at least every fortnight. But because of the schedule, I can only go home once every month. Alhamdulillah, thank God that there are quite a number of holidays in the second half of this semester that allows us to go home a couple times extra. 

I guess that's all for this time's rant. Will complain again later (i will, i have these points written in the notes app in my phone)

Btw, we only have 1 week of Raya holidays which is also our mid semester break (Friday - the next Sunday, Raya is on Wednesday) BEFORE our mid semester exam.

Mari siapkan tutorial physics dan chemistry.......... *sobs*

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