Monday, April 23, 2018


I came across the poster for Rainforest Eco Fest Asia 2018 on Twitter last month. I retweeted it, not thinking much of it but just a promising event being held so close to home. Then, Alya replied to the tweet thinking that it would be a good idea to approach them if we could open a booth at the fest and to our surprise, we were given a free exhibition booth. We have worked very hard approaching to this day. The fashion team set up an Instagram account to gain more visibility to the eyes of the public, came up with designs for freebies and the photo backdrop for our booth. I am so proud of the fashion team for our hardwork and communication to get everything done in time for the event.

We were disappointed with the organizers on Friday for not being able to start the event according to plan. We have already delegated people for the two shifts on Friday but it had to be cancelled as the event venue was not set up. Thankfully, there were a fair size of crowd that came up on both Saturday and Sunday as some local bands were performing. But the event was still not as big as we expected it to be as there were only less than 10 booths open on both days. Nevertheless, the whole team has made such a great effort at pulling people to listen to illegal wildlife trade, why we should stop it and how we can stop it. Guests of our booth also enjoyed our games that we set up and the freebies that we provided. I very much look forward to participating in creating awareness again.

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